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February 11, 2012

Mental note are no use to me.

I am so sorry that people have to put up with me for not updating my blog frequently. I know that this site has been lacking of maintainence. Till now that I finally understand how difficult it is to manage a blog, what more making it thrive. I guess I don't have that kind of patience running in my blood.

There are reasons why I have not been able to write more. Main reason, I can run many things in my mind anytime anywhere, but when it comes to clicking the 'new post' tab and staring into the white empty space that is waiting for me to run my fingers on the surface of my keyboard, I could not get anything out of my mind. Even at this very moment, I hesitate a lot about what should I write for the next sentence so I decide that I will just write whatever that comes to my mind first without thinking twice, or perhaps thrice will be a better idea.

Plenty of things happens in my life everyday, and sometimes it creates a guilt in me for not being able to record those memories. The point is, every time I try to make a mental note of whatever happens and keep reminding myself I will HAVE TO blog about it when I get my hand on my computer. However, when I finally get to blog about it, I forgot whatever I have on my mind, I even visualised how is my blog post going to be. It's like mental note, deleted. Yeah, I know it kind of sucks. I know I have really bad way in keeping things in my head, I am very forgetful.

I love writing, I love the idea that how words connect people. Words make up language and that's how people are linked together. Here comes a solution I suddenly thought of today, is to keep a small notebook with me where ever I go, so I can write, (yes just writing no sketching, not a good artist) whatever comes to my mind. It works for many people, and I hope that it works for me too. Inspiration come and go like a breeze. We never know till it passes us by. I am also bearing the hope that it will improve my forgetfulness. Till then, take care and live life! :)

January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Its a new year again! New year means a fresh start for everyone. You can put all your past behind and start creating your present. Of course, not to mention, a new list of new year resolution to improve yourself. So far I've been told by several people that 2012 is going to be a really long and heavy year. Is that so? Let me know what do you think about this in the comment below. I hope that everyone enjoy their new year's eve celebration and is energized to face new challenges as we grow older each year. Last but not least, a very happy birthday to everyone!

December 4, 2011

Oh Gosh! It's The List!!

Without even noticing how time slowly slipped pass me, it's December already! Gosh, it seems like only yesterday we celebrated new year! Well, in few more weeks, 2012 will come right in front of us and show us how much we have learnt and how many good things we have missed last year. This year, I've decided I need to make a wishlist for things I want for a brand new year, regardless I can afford it or not. A plan is what that matters since it's only a 'wish' list. :)

Most of the things in my wishlist are electronic gadget, cause I am a computer freak! I love everything about technology, computers, gadgets, etc... And I thought that I never really have a proper electronic gadget except my cell phone that I could make use of in study, entertainment or whatsoever.

*Drum rolls*


Here's The LIST:
1) A new cell phone
2) An ipod touch
3) A camera
4) A Kindle reader
5) An awesome vacation with my boy
6) More SHOES!!!

I guess I need to explain why these things are on my list. Apart from a new phone which is neccessary as my current phone is pretty much 'dying', I want an ipod touch and/or a camera. Ipod touch is for me to enjoy musics, reading ebooks, and those apps, argh I can't wait to see what I can do with them! On the other hand, the camera idea came when I thought that as I am turning 20 soon, I need a camera to capture those beautiful moments in my life. They won't come twice, I decide this is the perfect time to put them in halt before they go away. I also want more pictures with my family, friends, and the bf so that I can keep them in mind all the time. :)

Next one is a kindle reader! Ahh... In fact I just made my decision to put it into my wishlist half an hr ago. For people who know me should know that I am an avid reader! I love reading, any books I mean. I thought it would be nice to have an e-book reader where I can bring them everywhere without having to carry those 'weighy' tree-books. Nice huh? Not to mention it can save our poor mother nature that is being cut bald every minute now.

Now the next one, ahh, a vacation! That is exactly what I need now, especially with the one I love. Can't explain how wonderful it will be, well, of course, to plan a great vacation, I will need some cash to make it great. I guess, we just need to start saving up some money. Hear me? <3

Last but not least, more SHOES! Please raise your hand if you agree with me. How can new year comes without some new shoes? I know right, it's awful. So first thing first, I need to visit some nice shops and get some nice heels and have a nice opening for the new year. Sounds like a plan aye? You gorgeous fella, here I come!!! :*

December 3, 2011

The Enemy with the name starts with 'E'

My latest enemy = Examination

I am back! But not for something good, of course. I AM HIGHLY STRESSED OUT FOR EXAM! Literary. So thought I should write something to release tension. :D

Well, as a pharmacy undergraduate, examination is HELL! Lots of stuffs to study and most dreadful part, is to memorize all of them! Yes, I mean almost all of them. For this term, I have taken subjects like Anatomy (It spells HELL!), Physiology, Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, and so on. I know deeply in my heart that I will never be able cover all the topics, what more memorizing them (Nah, I don't know how some people do it!). So I decided to just take my time to understand what I can.

I am sure a lot of people encounter this same situation: Unable to stick to your books or notes or whatsoever as the exam days approach. Especially for us, I mean me and my coursemate, we have study break 1 week before exam. I find this week extremely unproductive and it definitely has slow down my revision progress. Like WTH? I don't know why is this happening. Why can't we just order our stupid brain to stop running around and think about foods, movies, games, party and stuffs? IDK. Maybe if I am clever enough I could be able to do that. :D

Anyway, study is a priority right now. Too bad I have to miss out all the fun that are going on lately. Good luck to everyone who is having exam, or will be having exam! (Don't screw it!) :) xx

November 7, 2011

YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

A very funny video that will definitely cheer up your day! Children are soooo cute! :)
I'm gonna try it on someone's kid next time.

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