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February 11, 2012

Mental note are no use to me.

I am so sorry that people have to put up with me for not updating my blog frequently. I know that this site has been lacking of maintainence. Till now that I finally understand how difficult it is to manage a blog, what more making it thrive. I guess I don't have that kind of patience running in my blood.

There are reasons why I have not been able to write more. Main reason, I can run many things in my mind anytime anywhere, but when it comes to clicking the 'new post' tab and staring into the white empty space that is waiting for me to run my fingers on the surface of my keyboard, I could not get anything out of my mind. Even at this very moment, I hesitate a lot about what should I write for the next sentence so I decide that I will just write whatever that comes to my mind first without thinking twice, or perhaps thrice will be a better idea.

Plenty of things happens in my life everyday, and sometimes it creates a guilt in me for not being able to record those memories. The point is, every time I try to make a mental note of whatever happens and keep reminding myself I will HAVE TO blog about it when I get my hand on my computer. However, when I finally get to blog about it, I forgot whatever I have on my mind, I even visualised how is my blog post going to be. It's like mental note, deleted. Yeah, I know it kind of sucks. I know I have really bad way in keeping things in my head, I am very forgetful.

I love writing, I love the idea that how words connect people. Words make up language and that's how people are linked together. Here comes a solution I suddenly thought of today, is to keep a small notebook with me where ever I go, so I can write, (yes just writing no sketching, not a good artist) whatever comes to my mind. It works for many people, and I hope that it works for me too. Inspiration come and go like a breeze. We never know till it passes us by. I am also bearing the hope that it will improve my forgetfulness. Till then, take care and live life! :)


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  2. :D Found your blog through bloggers.. Chill babe~! :D Hope you're doing fine in life... Take care...


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